The SeaTalk 1 Module is here!

For those who waited for the Seatalk 1 compatibility, the waiting has finally come to an end. After a lot of requests regarding the SeaTalk 1 bus we started implementing and designing. A small add-on PCB is the solution. It can be added to any Pitufino either right away at the purchase or even if you already own a Pitufino yourself. 

Connect Pitufino directly (without a Seatalk-to-SeatalkNG converter) to old Seatalk devices and control your old Raymarine/Autohelm pilot! Plus, you can connect an external alarm siren or strobe light.

The ST-module, if added right away at the purchase, your Pitufino will come with a small wiring harness to which you can connect your existing SeaTalk 1 bus system. 

If you order your ST-module separately to your Pitufino, you get the PCB itself, which can easily be connected to the Pitufino with two already existing connectors. The wiring harness is already connected to the ST-Module and is included.


  • Enables SeaTalk 1 compatibility (galvanically isolated)
  • 1x relays output (normally open) (1A max, 12V)


  • 1x SeaTalk 1 input (galvanically isolated)
  • 1x switched 12V
  • 2x 6 Pin-Connectors