ST Module


The ST-Module enables the Pitufino of every generation to be connected to a SeaTalk 1 bus-system.

Connect Pitufino directly (without a Seatalk-to-SeatalkNG converter) to old Seatalk devices and control your old Raymarine/Autohelm pilot! Plus, you can connect an external alarm siren or strobe light.

This adds additional usability and compatibility to your SeaTalk 1 system without having to migrate to a newer standard.

One relays output (normally open) contact has been added to the board as well. These allow to supply up to 1A at 12V DC to some extern devices.

The ST-Modul can be added to any Pitufino without limitations of the version.

If there is no Pitufino to add the ST-Module to, feel free to get yourself the Pitufino V1.1 ST.

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  • Enables SeaTalk 1 compatibility
  • relais output for external alarm (normally open) (1A max, 12V)

Additional information

compatible Pitufinos


switchable outputs


SeaTalk 1 ports

1 (galvanically isolated)