More than just a WI-FI gateway

Apart from being a Wi-Fi gateway for navigation data, Pitufino turns your mobile device into the helm of your vessel. Take control from wherever you are. The helm is, where you are!

Take a look at Pitufino

We are proud to announce that Pitufino is now available at the Mörth Marine Austria Shop in Graz.

Stay tuned and follow our journey.

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We are constantly evolving in many aspects. To share the process and our achievements with all of you, new blog-posts regularily get uploaded on this page.

Stay tuned and follow our journey.

Pitufino opens a new experience

Have all the information your vessel provides at your fingertips.

About us

Over the years we acquired a mix of old and new navigation instruments on Pitufa, which used to communicate via NMEA convertors that lack configuration options–never quite the solution we really wanted. Unsatisfied with the situation and unconvinced by existing products, I decided to build an NMEA converter and gateway myself.

source: www.pitufa/
written by: Christian Feldbauer