Firmware V1.3.8

Firmware updates are regularly offered for even more features and wider support. No need to hesitate–updating is as simple as it gets! Just download the firmware-zip-file at and store it on your device. Afterwards connect to your Pitufino and enter the Webinterface. Go to the menu and click on the Firmware Update Icon.

In the Firmware Update Center you will be able the search for your previously downloaded firmware-files. Select the whole unpacked folder and click enter. Now you can click on the update button right underneath. This process can take a few minutes. After updating the interface will tell you to wait until your pitufino is rebooted.

Now your Pitufino is fully up to date!

Changes since V1.3.7:

  • complete AP control for new Raymarine and Navico APs: switching to wind and nav mode + WP confirmation
  • proper handling of active waypoint from/to N2k (including name, computing BOD if missing)
  • added support for fluid-level sensors (NMEA2000 and 0183), 4 assignable tanks
  • added Multi Instrument (preview, work-in-progress)
  • several minor improvements